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Wondering why family photography in Frisco is an investment? As a family and newborn photographer in Frisco, photographing families is my passion, and my job. If you’ve been in the market for family photography recently, you know that the cost can swing significantly from photographer to photographer. Everyone comes to their own pricing with different business expenses and how they value their work. But what I can provide insight on, is exactly WHY photography is a significant investment, and why spending a bit on this service is something worth considering.

Why Family Photography in Frisco is an Investment 

#1. Photographs are one of the only items in your home that are kept for your entire life, and then passed down through generations 

Not to answer the investment question with a question, but what other items do you keep for the duration of your life, and then pass down? The answer is…very few items, if any. There’s simply no other possessions that are as lovingly cared for, that are viewed again and again, and are used to mark all of life’s important milestones.

#2. You never regret scheduling the photo session

Scheduling and preparing the family for photos can be a little stressful, I totally get that! And getting your partner on board can be a challenge. You may never feel perfectly camera-ready, or that squeezing a photo session into your busy, chaotic schedule is the best use of time. But none of my clients (or friends, or family members) have EVER regretted prioritizing a photo session with their family photographer in Frisco! And you won’t either.

#3. Photos connect us in life, and in death

When we lose someone in our family, the first thing we do is look through photos of them. We feel connected to our departed loved ones through these memories and this process. Think back to the last loss you experienced. How did you feel most connected to your loved one? I’m sure photographs of them played a big role. And after the funeral services have ended and the last visiting mourners have gone home, we always have these photos to bring us comfort and closeness. 

#4. Photos are the gifts that keep on giving

For yourself, framed photos help preserve these moments AND serve as home decor around your home. And family photos are not just gifts for yourself, but they make great gifts for the extended family, too. Grandparents love nothing more than a framed photo of the grandkids! Don’t worry, I make gift giving super easy with a print store included in your online gallery!

#5. Photographs stop time

Well, okay, nothing really stops time. But a photograph freeze frames a MOMENT in time, so that you will always remember your family just as it is right now. Kids grow so much, so fast that we don’t even see the changes happening right before our very eyes. One day their chubby baby cheeks have thinned out, and they’re a little taller…but photographing your family ensures that you capture your kiddos in all of their stages and ages and that you always have these memories to look back on. 

#6. You’re Buying from a Small Business

This is my business. I have operating expenses just like any other business such as camera equipment (here’s the Canon I use!), payment processing fees, website hosting, editing software, project management tools, marketing expenses, and gas to travel to my sessions just to name a few. I have also spent years building my skills and perfecting my style through education and experience. So much more goes into your session beyond the 1 hour that we spend together!

Next time you get a little sticker shock when you see the cost of a session with a family photographer in Frisco, can I challenge you to ask: shouldn’t such treasured possessions be considered a wise investment? 

I certainly think so. 

Have more questions about my services, or the investment in working together? I’d love to talk! Please contact me here to schedule a conversation.

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