Frisco Family Photographer Erica Grandin’s Top Tips for Preparing Your Home for a Photo Session

As a Frisco family photographer specializing in lifestyle sessions, I shoot primarily in the homes of my clients. While I do the occasional outdoor session, and some sessions in the studio, coming to your home is my sweet spot. It’s where your family lives, make memories, and feels most comfortable. But if the sound of getting pictures done in your house makes you feel a little unsettled, take it from me: it’s going to be great! And if you’re still unsure, I’ve got you. 

Frisco Family Photographer Tips for Preparing Your Home

Here are my top 5 tips for preparing your home for a photo session from your Frisco Family Photographer:

  1. Look for the Light 

    Think about the spaces in your home that have the best natural light. These can be the rooms with big windows, light bright walls, or doors that swing open. Even a stairwell can become a great location if it has a giant window! While I know you likely have favorite spaces within your home that you’ve taken time to decorate, it is light that’s the most important aspect of any photograph, especially those taken in your home.

  2. Share Special Places + Spaces

    While light is king, I’ll want you to show me the areas of your home where your family spends the most time. Perhaps that’s in the playroom, the kitchen, the reading nook, or a special chair that everyone loves to cuddle in. These can be great spots to capture special family moments…even if we eventually head back into the light!

  3. Turn off the Lights

    I know I’ve already spent a lot of time sharing how important light is to your photographs, so let me clarify: NATURAL light is best. Lamps and overhead lights come with their own color casts that can create uneven, inconsistent shadows in your pictures. With that in mind, I always ask clients to turn off all lamps and overheads to let the clean, natural light from the sun stream in.
  4. Clutter Free > Mr. Clean

    As a busy mom of young kids myself, I know the stress of preparing your family for a photo session. So let me take off the pressure to make everything white glove ready off your overflowing plate! Your house doesn’t have to be spotless. I recommend focusing on removing clutter and toys over agonizing about dust bunnies and fingerprints. We all know that’s a losing battle!

  5. Stage your Space

    If you’ve ever sold your home – or are familiar with the process – getting your home ready for a showing is the approach I suggest clients take before I arrive. While I don’t want you to exhaust yourself from cleaning, a little prep can go a long way. Open all your window treatments so maximum light can pour in. Close closet and dresser drawers, clear countertops, coffee, and bedside tables. You can even use the hamper trick of piling all of your clutter into a hamper and tucking it away in a closet or your garage for the session. Again, it doesn’t have to be painstaking, but a little cleanup will go a long way in capturing those bright, fun-filled images of your family that keeps the focus on you and not your stuff!

    We will move around a lot throughout your home, so remember that anything left out may be included in your final photos.

Do you still have questions about preparing for an in-home session? That’s what I’m here for as your Frisco family photographer! Reach out anytime and I would be happy to chat.

How to prep home for photos from a Frisco Family Photographer
Frisco Family Photographer Erica Grandin

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