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My name is Erica. I’m a Frisco in-home newborn photographer and I have a confession to make: 

I believe the best, most memorable and most heartfelt newborn sessions take place at home. 

While I know that babies in baskets and wraps can be cute, (imagine a baby styled with bunny ears laying on a bed of flowers), that’s simply not what I do. Nor do I want to. If that’s your thing, I’d be happy to recommend other photographers who do posed newborn photography very well. But if you’re on the fence, or simply want to explore the option of doing your newborn session at home, you’ve come to the right place. Get comfy, because I’m about to share all the reasons why in-home newborn sessions are best when you bring home your baby.

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Why In-Home Newborn Photos are Best from a Frisco In-Home Newborn Photographer

  1. I come to you.

    When you have a newborn, the feedings are round-the-clock and you need lots of things at your disposal. What you *don’t* need is another responsibility or another place to be. When you book a newborn session with me, I come to you. We work on your schedule, not mine. And I am always super flexible with scheduling.
  2. Your kitchen is close. 

    Let’s not underestimate the power of snacks. Or coffee. Or all of the above. And when you do your newborn session at home, your kitchen – plus all the coffee and snacks your family could want – are just a few footsteps away. This makes it easy to quickly heat up a bottle or grab a mess-free snack for the older kids if we need a short break.
  3. A no-worry wardrobe.

    Babies are sweet and special…and they can also be blow-out and spit-up machines! If this happens during a session at home, it is no sweat because an outfit change is right there in your closet. This means no stress – even when there’s a mess! All baby really needs is a simple white onesie so we can grab a new one from the dresser and keep rolling.

    Speaking of outfits, I have all the tips on what to wear so you feel confident in choosing outfits for the whole family. Check out my Pinterest board here. This is something I offer to all my clients as a Frisco in-home newborn photographer!
  4. Plenty of time to recover and get settled at home with your baby. 

    While it’s always a good idea to book your newborn session a few months in advance, there is no rush to do an in-home newborn session within the first 14 days after your baby is born, as many newborn photographers require. In-home sessions don’t require your baby to be sleeping through major outfit, swaddle or prop changes and therefore, have a much longer window to schedule.

    My sessions allow a little time for your new baby to grow into their features and start to look more like themselves. It is also helpful for your family to be more in a routine of day-to-day life without worrying about all the things that come along with bringing home a newborn. In fact, I encourage clients to book in the 3-5 week old window, which is gentler for *everyone*. Who needs the pressure of being on camera so soon after giving birth?!
  5. You’re in your happy place.

    I know you’ve likely spent months decorating and organizing baby’s nursery. Plus, your home is your happy place and your safe space. Your pride and comfort in your home will shine through in your photos. You’ll always treasure having photographs of your baby’s first home and, eventually, your babies will turn into big kids who LOVE looking back at these memories, too. 

Do you have more questions, or have I convinced you that a newborn session at home is best? If so, let’s chat and talk about scheduling if you’re ready to work together!

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