Newborn Photographer in Frisco: The Benefits of Cultivating a Long-Term Relationship with Your Newborn Photographer

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As a newborn photographer in Frisco working with North Dallas families, I could write to you for hours about the benefits of capturing your new baby and your family at home for a newborn session. But in my years of photographing families in the North Dallas region, I’ve come to observe a very happy side effect with so many of my newborn clients: I’ve become their go-to photographer for so many milestones and moments. 

From your maternity photos to your first 48 hospital session and your newborn session at home, building a relationship with your newborn photographer can continue on through milestone mini sessions, birthday celebrations, and annual family photos. And that leads me to think about the many ways cultivating a long-term relationship with your newborn photographer is so special. Here are just a few:

Building a relationship with your newborn photographer in Frisco

Benefits of Building a Long-Term Relationship with your Newborn Photographer

  1. They’ve known you since your family began to take root.
    Newborn photographers are often the first people to know when you’re pregnant, and some of the first people to meet your new baby. They’ve seen you in your home, where you are most “you”.

    As your newborn photographer in Frisco, I am rooting for you from near and far, and I love nothing more than capturing your happiness and memories. I know all too well how much babies change in such a short amount of time and I want to be there to help you savor it all. I love watching your kids grow up in front of my camera and feel so honored when my clients choose to work with me again and again over the years.

  2. Comfort levels increase with your sessions together.
    While it’s really tempting to only focus on your babies and kiddos getting more comfortable with the photographer over time – and this is no doubt true – finicky husbands tend to warm up, too. Yes, even that hubby who stubbornly agreed to the newborn session will, over time, start to look forward to a session with the same photographer who knows and accepts him and his family just as they are. I see it happen ALL the time. 😉

    As we work together, you’ll learn how much I like to play during your photo session and keep everyone relaxed and engaged. The comfort comes beforehand, too, as you and your family begin to know what to expect and the communication simply flows. You know you can trust me to get exactly what you’re looking for in your session, and that you can sit back, relax and have fun. As your newborn photographer in Frisco, I do everything I can to help your whole family feel comfortable!

  3. You’re more at ease in front of the camera when you know the photographer.
    Feeling comfortable in front of the camera is such a big piece of getting those natural smiles and laughs that are so special to your family. And on my photographer’s side, getting great photos is so much more than sitting you in front of the camera and asking you to say ‘cheese’. When I have returning clients, they can simply relax and be themselves. It’s a mix of them knowing me personally, but also knowing that I’m going to take good care of them, and capture them well. It’s such a happy by-product of multiple sessions together.

  4. Consistency in your photos.
    You are most likely displaying your photos side by side in your home and certainly so in a family photo album. Working with me for multiple sessions over the years ensures your photos all have a cohesive, consistent look and style. Once you’ve found a photography style – and photographer – that you love, you can stop the stress of searching every year.

  5. Returning clients are priority clients. 
    When you’re a returning client of Erica Grandin Photography, you’re at the top of my priority list. You get early, first access to my booking calendar and I reach out proactively to make sure you have a spot – if you want one! – during mini session events. And because we’re already connected, communication is so much easier – you can simply text me with questions and requests. 

The photos and experience Erica gave us were priceless! My family had never taken professional photos before since my husband and son don’t enjoy getting their picture taken….and typically produce the oddest forced smiles in front of a camera. Erica made my boys feel so comfortable during my maternity shoot and most importantly made the shoot fun; bringing out their natural smiles.

By the time our newborn hospital and at-home shoot were here, we were so comfortable with her. My boys let their guards down and I now have those precious and beautiful moments forever.

I chose Erica for her stunning work with vibrant colors but will definitely continue to work with her because of how much fun my family has at her shoots.” ~ Sadie D.

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There are plenty of photographer fish in the sea, but the benefits of digging in with your newborn photographer can not be overstated.

Tell me, have you booked multiple sessions with your photographer? What do you love about it? I’d love to hear what resonates with you! You can follow me on social, or send me a note here to tell me more. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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