Frisco Newborn Photographer: Mama, You’re Doing an Amazing Job…So Let Me Do the Heavy Lifting at your Photo Session

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As a Frisco newborn photographer specializing in at-home newborn and family sessions, one thing I know is that my mama clients have a lot of worries heading into these sessions. Will my baby cry too much? Will I have to stop and feed them? Will my toddlers behave? What will I wear?!

First-Time Mamas

I’ve been there. Super recently. I have three boys under five, the youngest of whom is not even one year old. If you’re anything like me, you’re trying to learn and absorb all the things and be the best mom possible. 

Spoiler alert: this means you’re already doing an amazing job. 

While, in an official sense, I’m there to photograph your new baby in all of their sweet, new glory, I’m also a sounding board. I love hearing your birth stories and fielding questions about your new baby and sharing recommendations for local resources – because I’m one of you, too. I’m not just a Frisco newborn photographer, I am also a Mom!

If this is your first baby, you can expect your session to be calm and serene. We make extra time for feedings and diaper changes. Your baby can be asleep or awake. We take our lead from baby because we all know they can be unpredictable and it is my job to adapt!

Experienced Mamas

I’m right there with you. Bringing a new baby home to big brother and sister can totally change the dynamic in your home. It’s joyful, yes, but it can also be hard. You don’t get to sit in a chair quietly rocking your baby because there’s another child (or several) needing your attention. 

To this, I have good news: Your session is a chance for older siblings to be the star of the show

During these in-home newborn sessions, we take 90 minutes to let the “big” kids be silly and show me around, and then for your whole family to slow down, focus on you (Mom), and make sure you have beautiful photos to remember the day your newest addition arrived and your family changed forever.

At home session with a Frisco Newborn Photographer

Clients tell me that I’m particularly good at corralling their toddlers by playing games and making photos fun. How do I do it? Turning on their favorite playlist and singing Frozen together during a dance party, is one way. If your three-year-old can’t hold still, we turn them upside down, where they can’t help but giggle.

Many clients also say that I put them at ease with my calm but playful presence, and by leading the way so everyone knows what to do and what to expect throughout the session. That’s music to my ears because I know that if I’m making my clients feel like they’re in good, capable hands then I’m doing my job. 

Family newborn photos at home in Frisco

How I Can Help as a Frisco Newborn Photographer

Before any session, I send you all my tips on how to prepare and what to expect. For example, here is what I tell Moms before their First 48 hospital pictures. Another thing I do with every client is to send over my client questionnaire for you to fill out. This gives you the chance to tell me all about your family and what you hope to get out of your newborn photo session. But it is also a place to tell me your fears and worries so I can help! At this point, nothing surprises me and I have seen a lot of families over the years. Let me use my experience to make this your best (and most fun!) photo session ever.

Tell me, do you worry about your newborn session? What are your fears? Send me a note here and we can talk through exactly what you are looking for in your photos. Understanding what concerns you helps me make the experience a great one for families long before they receive their images. It’s one of the biggest things I have learned as a Frisco newborn photographer!

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