How to Prepare for First 48 Pictures

Have you ever heard of a First 48 session? Let me fill you in! Here’s how to prepare for First 48 pictures.

A First 48 hospital session is when your photographer comes to the hospital within the first two days (get it… first 48 hours) of your baby being born and photographs your family. 

This is your how-to guide on preparing for First 48 pictures in the hospital.

A First 48 session is meant to be simple and stress-free. Don’t worry about having perfect hair or makeup, a fancy outfit, or getting your baby dressed up. These pictures should be relaxed and real.

Preparing for First 48 Pictures

 Here are my tips on the best way to prepare for your First 48 pictures:

  1. Relax
  2. Communication
  3. Plan What to Wear
  4. Dad Gets to Tidy
  5. Keep it Simple
  6. Let Your Nurse Know
  7. Feed Baby Beforehand

1. Relax: You are having a baby and that is the most important thing happening right now. Don’t let yourself stress over these photos!

2. Communication: First things first – babies are unpredictable. We can plan all we want, but there may be times that hospital photos have to be canceled and that is okay. Your healthy baby is of course the most important thing. If you have to cancel, any payments will be applied to a newborn session.

Leading up to your due date, be sure to stay in communication with me. Let me know if your doctor thinks you will be early or late or if you have a c-section scheduled. Once you go into labor and have been admitted to the hospital, have your partner text me so I know baby is close! Then text me again after your baby arrives and you are settled in a room so we can plan my arrival time.

3. Plan What to Wear for Hospital Photos: You should be comfortable. A robe or button-up pajama set is perfect for Mom. You might even be in the hospital bed the entire time.

For baby, a plain diaper is perfect. You can have a simple white onesie on hand in case we need it. I also love using the hospital blankets because they are so iconic along with the bassinet. Save all the cute outfits and swaddles for your at-home newborn session in a few weeks.

Dad can be in a simple solid color t-shirt and jeans, nothing fancy, but keep it neutral. Siblings also look great in neutral colors, nothing flashy, and nothing with logos/characters on the shirts.

4. Dad needs to tidy up and prep the room: While you are resting and feeding the baby, please ask Dad to remove any luggage, trash, food trays, etc. Balloons, flowers, and gifts can stay out but everything else should be moved out of the way before I arrive. When I arrive, I will open up all the shades to let in natural light. I will turn off all the lights in the room to avoid any coloring casting.

5. Keep it simple: No Visitors. Plan for no other visitors during your session. If you want to include older children, ask a grandparent or nanny to wait in the lobby for the first 15 minutes, then bring them in only for the end of the session. This gives us time to focus just on baby before introducing new big brother and sister.

6. Let your nurse know: If your nurse knows when I am coming by they can help schedule their visits around our photos. Be sure to mention it to them.

7. Feed baby beforehand: Newborn babies are still learning how to eat. Be sure to start feeding the baby before our session so they have enough time to finish right as I am arriving. A sleeping baby with a full belly is precious.

First 48 pictures in Dallas

These tips will set you up for a great First 48 hospital session!

The hospital may offer a photographer on staff to provide baby photos, but this typically is not the same experience as bringing in your own professional photographer who has a style that you love.

Interested in hiring me for your First 48 pictures? Send me a note here!

First 48 pictures newborn baby feet

How to Prepare for First 48 Pictures | Erica Grandin Photography

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