The Best Times to Schedule Newborn Photos in Frisco

As a Frisco newborn photographer, one of the first, and most frequent, questions I am asked is: When are the best times for pictures of my new baby?

While many studio newborn photographers will tell you that scheduling your newborn photo session earlier is better, as a lifestyle newborn photographer, I’ve got good news: Your baby does not need to be less than 10 days old for your newborn photos. This also means that you don’t have to be a mere 10 days out from labor and delivery to pull together your baby and yourself for newborn photos in Frisco. 

Are you intrigued yet?!

I may be biased, but you should be, because lifestyle newborn sessions are pretty special. There’s none of that awkward, staged, super-swaddled and posed stuff, and way more of you and your baby interacting naturally and simply being yourselves. Even better, you’re being photographed in the place you’re most comfortable and where everything you might need is within reach: your home. While all of this is reason enough to ditch the studio session, maybe the best part of all is that we can schedule your newborn photos in Frisco anytime during your baby’s first three months. Yes, you read that right. So take a breath, Mama. There’s no pressure to add another thing to your plate right after getting home from the hospital with your baby. 

at-home newborn photos in frisco

So how old should your baby be for their newborn pictures?

The sweet spot of lifestyle newborn photo sessions is when your baby is between 4-6 weeks old.

That’s right – your newborn photos in Frisco do not have to be within the first 10 days of baby being born like most posed photographers would recommend.

By 4-6 weeks, your baby has recovered from birth, their features are starting to fill out and they are beginning to look like themselves. During this window, we’ll also get a good stretch of awake time before baby gets sleepy, which makes for super sweet pictures. And while it’s still in the early days, a feeding schedule has emerged by this time period, and you’re all getting the hang of each other. You’re recovered and feeling more like yourself, too, Mama – and isn’t that the best part of all?

If you prefer, I have scheduled many newborn sessions in the 2-3 week timeframe. So if that is what works best for your family, don’t hesitate to reach out and we can find a spot on my calendar.

But what about capturing those first days with baby?

Are you nearly sold, but still feel like capturing your baby when they’re itty bitty, teeny tiny is on your heart? The good news is, I offer  First 48 hospital sessions, too, which can be your sole newborn photos, or in addition to the in-home newborn session that takes place later! First 48s take place right in the hospital, and they couldn’t be easier or breezier. Simply stay in communication with me about when baby arrives so we can confirm the timing, communicate with your nurse to let them know when I’ll be coming, have your partner tidy up the hospital space and in I come to capture the fresh new baby goodness, all in a stress-free, 30-minute session

How do I save my spot on your calendar?

Whether you’re more of an in-home lifestyle newborn or a First 48 person…or both!…getting on your photographer’s calendar with plenty of notice is always recommended. Most photographers, myself included, open their calendars up to six months in advance, so expecting Mamas can get newborn sessions on the calendar long before the due date. Reaching out a minimum of two-three months before your due date ensures I can save you a spot on my calendar. And if you’re due to have your baby during the fall months, reaching out ASAP is super important, since fall fills up extra fast. I only have a limited number of dates open each month for newborn sessions, so it’s never too early to reach out.

Newborn sessions are my absolute favorite. So even if you are needing a session date in the next few weeks, feel free to send me a message and we can check on availability. If my schedule is full, I can also help recommend lots of my photographer friends.

Do you have questions about scheduling, or about what type of newborn photo session in Frisco is right for you? Drop me a line and let’s chat. Also, be sure to follow me on Instagram!!

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