Where to Find the Best Dallas Bluebonnets 2021 Guide

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April 16, 2021

Best Places to find Dallas Bluebonnets | Bluebonnet Mini Sessions

Dallas Bluebonnet Photos 2021

Spring in Texas means it is time for 2021 Dallas Bluebonnet pictures! We generally start to see native bluebonnets in Dallas in late March but with our big freeze this year, the first blooms did not come out until early April. You still have plenty of time to find your perfect Dallas bluebonnet patch! You will want to get out and snap some photos before the end of April as the flowers will start to disappear going into the hotter months. Looking for the perfect spot to find our beautiful state flower in North Texas? Check out one of these destinations known to be the best spots for Dallas bluebonnets. Share your adventures with me on Facebook or Instagram by tagging @EricaGrandinPhotography!

Where to Find the Best Bluebonnets in Dallas and North Texas

Want to be sure you (Mom or Dad!) get a chance to be in the photo also?! Let’s book a bluebonnet mini-session and get the whole family in with the beautiful bluebonnets. Reach out to me for details and to schedule.

Andy Brown Park East | Coppell

You’ll find a large hill of bluebonnets to the East side of the main pavilion. This is easily accessible and a quick photo op. If you continue down the path to the East, you will find an observation deck with beautiful bluebonnets and a mix of other wildflowers for more variety.

Bluebonnet Trail | Plano

This trail spans East to West across Plano. You can find a big field of bluebonnets at the intersection of W Spring Creek Pkwy and Custer Rd behind the 7 Eleven. This is a popular spot and you will want to be sure to keep your distance from other families to practice social distancing.

J.C. Penney Campus | Plano

The J.C. Penney campus in Plano has nice walking trails and you can find patches of bluebonnets along the paths. You may want to avoid rush hour commuting times as the surrounding roads can get busy with cars.

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve | Plano

Check out the entrance to the Nature Preserve at Parker Road west of Midway Road for patches of bluebonnets then continue into the park for a wonderful nature walk in this 200-acre park.

Zion Cemetery | Frisco

Find wildflowers outside this Frisco cemetery located northeast of the intersection of FM423 and Panther Creek Parkway.

Texas Native Park | Dallas

The 15-acre Texas Native Park is a part of The George W. Bush Presidential Center at 2943 SMU Blvd in Dallas. You can find a display of Lone Star State wildflowers and other native plants. While the center is currently closed to the public, the trails are open. There is a charge for parking.

Bluebonnet Trails | Ennis

The Ennis Bluebonnet Festival and Trails are reopened after having been closed for the 2020 bluebonnet season. You’ll find miles and miles of beautiful flowers to explore. Find more on their website.

Dallas Bluebonnets 2020 guide for taking bluebonnet photos

Keep These Tips in Mind for Taking Dallas Bluebonnet Photos

  • Getting outdoors and going for a walk is recommended by the CDC during stay-at-home orders or Covid-19. However, be sure to choose locations that are less crowded to ensure you can maintain proper social distancing. Do not offer to take photos for other people – do not share your cameras or phones. If too many people are congregating in one area, choose a new location or wait for the other families to leave before taking your photos.
  • Don’t trespass on private property
  • Be careful of where you park and walking along roads
  • Watch out for snakes and ants especially in longer grass
  • Don’t pick the bluebonnets to leave some beauty for everyone to enjoy!

Find More Dallas Bluebonnets

Let me know your favorite spots to admire the state flower! I would love to see your family photos and learn of any new bluebonnet locations you discover this year. Share with me on Facebook or tag me on Instagram!

Dallas Bluebonnets 2020 guide for taking bluebonnet photos

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