Best Newborn Photographer in Frisco Shares A New Parents’ Guide to Newborn Photos

Everything You Need to Know About a Newborn Session in Frisco and the Dallas area

Every parent and parent-to-be wonders and worries about what they need to know about newborn photos. And I get it. As the best newborn photographer in Frisco, I photograph countless families and their sweet newborns. I know that preparing for your baby takes precedence over preparing for a photo session. But I also know that in terms of information, a little can go a long way toward putting you at ease, and setting you up for a fun-filled and successful newborn session. So, here is my comprehensive guide to newborn photos – Q&A style – so the prep is the last thing on your mind when your session day arrives.

Best Newborn Photographer in Frisco

Can my wedding photographer or a friend take our newborn photos? Or do I need the best newborn photographer in Frisco?

As your pregnancy wears on, you may start thinking of newborn photos and asking yourself if your wedding photographer (who you and your partner inevitably adore) or even a beloved family friend can shoot your newborn photos. 

First and foremost, finding an expert who knows how to work with babies and young children is vital. Just as any other professionals have areas of specialty, your photographer should specialize in specific session types, too.

The more specialized, the better they are at their craft. Anyone can point and click a camera – yes, even a “nice” one – but SO MUCH MORE goes into your newborn session. In-home newborn photographers know how to work with light, how to compose and position families inside their homes and how to work with the many personalities in your family. You don’t get a do-over with your baby being this small, so above all else, research the photographer and choose someone whose style you love. 

Should newborn photos be done in the hospital?

First 48s give you raw, documentary-style photos and capture the first few hours meeting your new baby and baby’s tiny features. In-home newborn photos focus more on your family, your home, and adding this newest addition to your life. Both are great options!

Hospital photo sessions – commonly referred to as First 48 sessions – and in home newborn sessions are two very different things. Hospital photo sessions have grown in popularity in recent years and now, post-covid, are making even more of a resurgence. I love First 48 sessions and document all of the things that make them so special here. But in my opinion, you don’t have to choose one over the other. I believe the best combination is to do a First 48 hospital session AND an in home newborn session once you’ve been home for a few weeks and have settled in. I even have packages available so you can bundle your sessions and receive a discount. Send me a note here and I will send you all the package details.

At what age should newborn pictures be taken?

4-6 weeks old is the sweet spot. You read that right!

One of the things I love most about an in home newborn session is that practically anytime is the perfect time for newborn photos and there isn’t a moment you “miss” to schedule them in. I don’t require baby to be fast asleep or super itty bitty, as the in home session is more about capturing your special connection with your sweet little one than a sleeping swaddled baby in a specific pose or prop. If I was, however, picking a *favorite* time for the in-home session, it would be when baby is between 4-6 weeks old. You’ve been home for a few weeks, you’re getting into a routine and feeling a touch more like yourself than you do when you’re just home from the hospital. At this stage, your baby is filling out some and will have longer stretches of awake time, which makes for really special and engaging images, too. 

What are the recommended newborn photo props and which ones will be available for my in home newborn session?

The short answer is: none and none!

As a lifestyle photographer who specializes in shooting in home newborn sessions, I do not use any props. A simple white onesie and a swaddle are all your baby needs. You may have an outfit that’s beautiful, but I urge you not to overcomplicate. Simple really is best. My favorite swaddles are easy to use and SO precious in photograph form. For a baby girl, a simple headband or bow is also welcomed. But, generally speaking, your baby is the star. We don’t need animal ears, balloons, a fussy outfit or theme to overpower them. 

How should I prepare my home for my newborn session with the best newborn photographer in Frisco?

I know this can be a big concern for new moms and dads. You’re juggling a lot, and the thought of someone coming in with a camera can be intimidating with the needs of your new baby fresh on your plate. So, please let me ease your worries. Firstly, we’re going to stick to the rooms with the most light, so focus your energies in those spaces and literally nowhere else. Secondly, clear the clutter, but hold the deep cleaning. Just be sure the surfaces are clear in the well lit spaces and in home hot spots, like your primary bedroom and the nursery, and leave the rest to me. And the most important preparation tip is probably the easiest of all: turn off the lights! Overhead lights can cast odd colors in the space and I’m going to rely on the clean and clear natural light coming in through your windows instead.

Is it easier to take newborn photos at my home or in a studio?

Your home is where your family is most comfortable, and everything you need for baby is within arm’s reach. For this reason and many more, I always recommend home first. But, if you’re not emotionally connected to your home, or just don’t feel that you have the space, I have studios available for your session. The good news is that I can help capture your family beautifully in either location, and we’ll talk about the right fit for you. 

What is the best time of day for newborn pictures?

Mornings, typically at about 10:00 am, is when babies are happiest. I always aim for this timing when scheduling your session.  

How long does a newborn photoshoot take?

Your newborn session is scheduled for 90 minutes, but I always recommend blocking two hours in your schedule to allow for extra time if needed. This 1-2 hour time block will given us plenty of time for diaper changes, snack breaks and the occasional outfit change because, with babies and kids…things happen!

How long is the turnaround time for my newborn pictures?

While full galleries are delivered within three weeks of your session date, I always send a sneak peek to my clients within a few days – if not sooner! – so you don’t have to wait to see your pictures! 

Should Mom & Dad be in the newborn pictures?

Ab-so-lutely! Your entire family, including mom, dad, siblings and fur babies, should all be included in these special photos. And if Grandma and Grandpa happen to be visiting, I love to grab a few photos with them, too. 

What do we wear for our newborn pictures?

Long, flowy dresses are mom’s best friend after baby is born, and perfect for their newborn session. You can find more family outfit ideas here. All baby needs is a white onesie and swaddle! Less is more, so that we keep the focus on your sweet baby and not the outfit! 

What baby should wear for newborn pictures

Ready to schedule your newborn photos?

This guide is just the beginning! After booking your session with me, I am here every step of the way with a discovery phone call, client questionnaire, session prep guide and outfit recommendations.

Have more questions about the best newborn photographer in Frisco? Information is power and I’m always happy to talk more with you! Reach out here to schedule a time to chat.

Best Newborn Photographer in Frisco takes pictures of mom and baby
Mom holding newborn baby for pictures in Frisco

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