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5 Reasons You Will Love an In-Home Photo Session from a Dallas Family Photographer

To be honest, the majority of my clients think they want an outdoor photo session. This has seemed to be a popular option for the last 10+ years in family photo trends. But you guys – there is such a better option. In-Home Photos are the absolute BEST!! Once you experience one with me, I promise you won’t want to go back outdoors. I’m giving you 5 Reasons You Will Love an In-Home Photo Session.

Here are 5 Reasons You Will Love an In-Home Photo Session from Erica Grandin Photography

  1. Air Conditioning
    Need I say more? Texas heat can be brutal. Especially in the busy fall season, we can still see temps in the 90s until November. That makes September and October pretty miserable. If you want to take advantage of a cute fall outfit without sweating through your clothes, air conditioning is a must!

  2. No Travel Stress
    I come straight to you! Save yourself a few extra minutes by removing the travel and all the stress that comes with getting your kids out the door. Use those extra few minutes to finish getting yourself ready and let everyone spend a little time relaxing. Not to mention you can’t be late because you’re already at home!

  3. Kids are Comfortable
    Your kids will always feel more comfortable at home. They are in their own environment with their own toys and we get to cut out the awkward 10 minutes at the beginning of the session while the kids start to warm up.

  4. Wardrobe + Toys + Snacks
    Everything in your home is within easy reach. Spill juice on an outfit? Grab a replacement! Kids need a fun toy to distract them? Their favorite lovey is right there. And snack breaks are always a part of our session!

  5. Easy to Include Pets
    Dogs can be unpredictable. Trying to bring them on a leash to an outdoor location can be a big distraction. It’s also difficult to get any photos without the pet if someone has to always be holding the leash. When we are at home, we can bring them in and out easily! Your pet will also feel more comfortable, just like your kids!

  6. Bonus: Time of Day!

    I couldn’t finish this list without adding this bonus item. Good outdoor photos rely 100% on sunrise and sunset. That means either waking up super early or forcing your kids to stay up past bedtime. Talk about a recipe for disaster.

    I almost always schedule in-home and in-studio sessions in the late morning (approximately 9:30 AM) which gives us beautiful natural light streaming in through your windows. We want a bright sunny day, but we don’t depend on sunrise and sunset for golden light. It’s a total game changer and allows us to work around your kids’ nap schedule.

Did these 5 Reasons You Will Love an In-Home Photo Session convince you to try in-home for your next photos? Reach out and let’s talk about the next steps!

In-Home Family Photo Session in Dallas, Texas
5 Reasons You Will Love an In-Home Photo Session in Dallas, Texas

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