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Petrone Family In-Home Photo Session

I love it when the littlest one in a family is the real boss! This sweet two-year-old has her entire family wrapped around her finger and they all love it. She is just adorable and I can already tell she is going to be a force in this world. I had the most amazing time with the Petrone family during their in-home photo session in University Park.

Toddler and family in-home photo session

The first thing I do when I arrive for an in-home photo session is to ask the kids to give me a tour. They love pointing out things like their art nook, the garage, inside the fridge… But having them be my tour guide immediately puts them at ease and lets them feel like they are in charge! This is the first step in making sure the kids are on-board for our photo session and to avoid any big tantrums. No matter what we have planned, the kids are the ones in charge and they decide our session flow.

The best part about an in-home photo session is that everyone feels comfortable in their own environment. You have made your house into a home and it is where you live your life. Babies and kids feel the most comfortable in their own space and your images have that extra personal touch. We also have access to your entire wardrobe for any last-minute outfit changes or spills, the fridge for toddler snack breaks, and air conditioning – hooray!!

Not sure if a full in-home family session is best for you? In this blog post I detail out the benefits and limitations of both Family Sessions and Mini-Sessions!

Lifestyle in-home photo session

Does an in-home photoshoot sound like the best fit for your family? Shoot me a note and I will send more details your way on the entire process and how I will help set you up for a successful shoot. Hint: It’s all about the preparation! To get you started, check out this blog post about how to choose outfits for your entire family.

Motherhood in black and white during in-home family photos
Playing together during in-home family photos

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