5 Reasons to Schedule In-Home Lifestyle Photography This Summer

Family photo session for in-home lifestyle family photos in Dallas, Texas

Why you Should be Booking In-Home Lifestyle Photos NOW?

Life is not perfect. It is a never-ending rollercoaster of chaos, craziness, and usually loud toddlers yelling in the background. It’s in those moments of chaos that your kids say the funniest thing you’ve ever heard or they crack up laughing at the newest animal noise they just discovered. These authentic moments are what defines a family and those are the days you’ll want to remember. Those moments are what in-home lifestyle photos are all about! Yes, we will also be sure to get a few photos of everyone smiling at the camera but isn’t your family’s connection so much more than that?

Reading books together during in-home lifestyle family photos in Dallas, Texas

Ready to Book your In-Home Lifestyle Photos?

  1. Our Number 1 Priority is Authentic Laughter
    You can be sure that your session will not have a shortage of laughing! Beforehand, I’ll share some tips on how to prep your kids and make sure they know this is going to be a fun experience. Then during your session, I bring out all the tricks for getting everyone comfortable in front of the camera and laughing together. You can expect lots of tickle wars!

  2. Your Home is a Reflection of YOU
    Don’t worry if your home is not perfect. Yes, it can help to put away some of the clutter but that can just mean pushing it all behind a bedroom door. Your home is a special place and it is where your family will feel the most comfortable. Your images end up with an extra special touch because they are from your home.

  3. We are INDOORS
    Hello, Texas summer! I will be the first to admit that I love natural light and golden hour at sunrise or sunset. But the summer in Texas gives us a big challenge including heat and sweat. Inside, we can crank up the air conditioning and keep everyone looking photo-ready.

  4. Access to Your Entire Home
    You will have your whole wardrobe close by for any last-minute changes or kiddo spills. If you are deciding between two blouses, feel free to lay them both out and I can provide some guidance when I arrive. Find helpful tips on what to wear for your photo session on this blog post. Or choose a few different options for the baby and we can include some outfit changes in your newborn session. Close access to the kitchen also allows for easy snack breaks!

  5. We can Incorporate your Favorite Things or Activities
    In-home lifestyle photo sessions give us the chance to capture your family doing the things you love. Do you have a favorite book that your kids read over and over? Do you love baking in the kitchen together? We will work together to find 2-3 activities that really reflect your family and how you interact together to incorporate into your session.
Natural in-home lifestyle family photos in Dallas, TX

I truly LOVE lifestyle photos. They show the beauty of your family in an authentic way. Each time you look at them I want you to be brought back to that moment in time and hopefully feel a little flutter in your heart as you smile at your little one’s bright faces. Book your own in-home lifestyle session by reaching out here.

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