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We made it to one year. This amazing little boy made his debut 365 days ago and we could not be more in love with him.

Baby Birthday Photography in Dallas, Texas

A 1 year old! This is the moment that he officially is no longer a ‘baby’. This year has gone by way faster than with our first son and I learned to appreciate every moment of sitting still and just holding him because I know those days won’t last for long.

We love watching him learn from his older brother and see more of his own personality coming out each day. He absolutely LOVES his Mama and wants me to be holding him all day long (twist my arm). He talks with his own words more and more every day and has quickly learned how to yell to make sure he is heard!

Baby's First Birthday Photo Session

If you have experienced this first year of life before, you know exactly how much your baby will change and grow in 365 days. It is truly amazing to watch. Every parent wants to be able to freeze time and capture every little detail, every milestone, every giggle. That’s why I love working with babies and young families. Documenting this first year of life that included sleepless nights, cozy snuggles, quiet feedings (or maybe not so quiet if the siblings are around), and precious moments. The good and the bad, photos bring back memories of it all.

Newborn and baby milestone sessions can be booked up to a year in advance or you can sign up for the newsletter to be the first to know when mini-sessions are available. Reach out to me for more information on 1st Year packages which include Fresh-48, Newborn, 3-6 month, and 9-12 month sessions.

Dllas, Texas Sibling Photography
Baby Milestone Photography in Dallas, Texas
Baby's first steps

We had a small celebration at home with a few family members. The current favorite obsession is Brown Bear Brown Bear and big brother was so excited to help make this cake!

Baby's first birthday cake. Brown Bear Brown Bear themed birthday photo shoot.

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